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Women strongly support TDP MP’s statement for more dignified dressing to stop rape

09, Aug 2014 By mpsharmaauthor

In a surprising turn of events, Indian females everywhere have come out in hordes in a public display of support for Mr Murli Mohan Maganti’s statement on women dressing in a more “dignified” manner.

Girl who didn't cover up?
Girl who didn’t cover up?

“I absolutely agree with the MP’s statement”, Priya, a local college going student told Faking News reporters. “The fact is, stopping men from ogling, touching, eve teasing and molesting us seems impossible in this day and age anyway, so obviously the onus is on us. The only way to protect ourselves is to cover up completely so as to blend into the background. That way you won’t even know we’re there. It’s safest to be invisible.”

Pooja, a young IT professional took the day off work to participate in the protest. “I have even resorted to booby-trapping my outfits with electrifying cords so that anytime a guy attempts to touch me, he automatically gets electrocuted. Mr Maganti’s suggestion on wearing clothes that cover every inch of skin will only help in concealing the wires more.”

When Faking News contacted Mr Maganti, he was notably irked at the commotion the media and other politicians were causing as a result of trying to help his countrywomen. “At least the women of India can see that I am just trying to help them. A man can hardly be blamed if you are sending him mixed signals by wearing anything that shows any skin whatsoever”.

When questioned about what Indian females should do when it is hot, Mr Maganti enlightened Faking News Reporters by saying, “It is common knowledge that women can control their body temperature better than men so obviously, even nature wants women to cover up”.