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Woman sues BJP for fraudulently playing on her habit of giving Missed Calls and make her a member

31, Mar 2015 By burabandar

New Delhi: It’s a well-known secret that women (& men) love to talk in missed calls. But Beware before you give a missed call to any number – you could very well become a member of the BJP!

BJP's Missed Call Membership Campaign
BJP’s Missed Call Membership Campaign

Kumari Lata found this to her dismay when she dialed the fateful number – 1800-266-2020 & was aptly made a member of the party. Lata is distraught, in her own words, “I love giving missed calls from my dad to my boyfriend. So when I saw the BJP ad saying give a missed call, I just could not hold myself back. But now they have made me a member of the party. I don’t know what to do now, I had even paid Rs.10 for an AAP membership”. Ravi Kumar, a friend adds, “Lata always had a thing for missed calls. So much so that we had started saving her number as “Missed Call Lata”. Now this habit of her has led her to the BJP”. He further adds trying to stop a grin, “Good for her, now she has been taught a lesson. Definitely Modi Ji is delivering on the promise of Acche Din”.

Mukesh Duggal, who claims to be the sole & mighty force behind the campaign (among a group of BJP activists who all unequivocally claim the same) notes had this to express,”This was a fantastic marketing coup. Now we have overtaken even the Chinese party in terms of numbers. People may claim they are duped but that is just a gimmick hinder this great initiative which I’ve started at the behest of Modi Ji, Amit Ji, Rajnath Ji….”.

Dr. Shikha Mulchandani, a psychiatrist who is treating Lata of her mental trauma observes that Lata is just an example because she had the courage to come out and raise her voice. According to her, “The habit of giving a missed call is a very luring concept for Indians. While a majority even after giving the missed call would have been happy to become an esteemed member of the party, there are a lot who are experiencing a stress,’

In another news, it turns out that the White House has written a formal note to Indian government requesting them to delete the name of Barack Obama from the BJP member list. He had merely been hoodwinked by the Indian PM in giving a missed call and since then has been repenting his decision to visit the country.