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With love from Bihar: Topper auction reaches Delhi

27, Jun 2016 By Velawrites

Patna/ Delhi. Ex-BSEB chairman Lalkeshwar Prasad Singh recently broke the news that it took only 20 lakhs to hold the coveted post of Topper in Bihar exams. Hearing this, parents of some prestigious schools have filed complains with Delhi CM about the charges paid by them for their wards to study in the prestigious schools of Delhi but only to secure 33% marks. Since they are only studying there as a matter of formalities and have to carry on with generations business post schooling, being topper will actually bring in more goodwill to the business. Not to forget the efforts it will reduce in breaking the shackles around family tradition of bringing only passing marks. They are ready to spend ten times the amount in case they are made the toppers.

Where there is a will their is a way!
Where there is a will their is a way!

Boasting of his stronghold being the middle class people pf Delhi, Delhi CM has reportedly informed the school, “If you charge anything in excess of 20 Lakh, the child needs to be compulsorily made the topper looping in CBSE asking him to take appropriate actions according to these new development and people friendly measures they are adopting”.

CBSE chief however pointing out some anomalies with this proposition, has already questioned this, saying there could only be one topper. And 20 Lakh was too meager an amount for someone to become a topper in boards in Delhi.

Considering all options, Delhi CM has finally compromised and decided to hold auctions instead of fixing fees to decide the topper.

Cast based politicians have however demanded them to include 30-70% discounts in case their wards decide to opt in for the auction. However, there are still many apprehensions from quarters who feel if there are people in these reserved categories who can afford to participate in auctions, what are they doing with their reservation privileges in first place. However all political parties have disregarded this assumption in the wake of upcoming elections and are unanimous in their suggestions of including rebate for these castes/religions.

Meanwhile our reporter met a boy from forward caste, majority religion from a not well to do family whose father expired in a road accident last year and now works in a Dhaba to support his family and studies told us he would not be participating in the auctions and don’t seek rebate as well. We tried taking his opinion on beef ban, intolerance and other raging topics but he was not aware.

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