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With Bihar alliance achieved, Laloo ventures west

12, Aug 2014 By Boka Bihari

Mammoth Crowd was expected  on  sharing of dais  by Mr.Laloo and Mr.Nitish on Monday. It turned out to be a not so grand affair. While Mr.Laloo tried to regain his charismatic touch , a close look at Nitish Kumar  showed that his smiles seemed well rehearsed. The most important message was an appeal by Laloo to Mulayam and Mayawati to bury old hatchet and come together. He called himself and his bete noire of two decades as pioneers of new social revolution in India. He just fell short of asking DMK and AIDMK to forge an alliance in Tamil Nadu.

However just below the dais post bearers of the two parties were nearly at blow with each other regards seat sharing and choice of Chief Ministerial candidate. Mr.Laloo seemed to be on a slippery ground here as his party men were chanting names of Misha, Tejaswani and Rabri Devi alternatively, JDU worker were echoing only Nitish Kumar’s name.

Meanwhile the focus seemed to shift to Lucknow. It is learnt that Mr. Mulayam Singh has as always taken the advise of Laloo seriously. Undisclosed sources confirmed that Mr. Bhukhad Nawab was sent as an emissary to 13 Mall Avenue bungalow  to asses the mood. Surprisingly for the Nawab of Lucknow BehenJi was more than willing to forge an alliance with Samajwadi Party. Mr.Bhukhad was surprised by her  acceptance of idea of alliance and the Grandeur of the bungalow. As his name would suggest , the emissary got busy in his favorite past time with load of Kebabs, Chaaps, Biryanis and others. Mayawati in the meanwhile asked her aides to note down BSP’s  preconditions of alliance with  SP.

Just when Nawab was coming out of the 20 foot high walled bungalow, we Faking News correspondents seized our opportunity. Lured by dessert “Sahi Tukda’ and Saffronised Paan , Mr.Bhukhad became busy with his indulgence allowing us time enough to have a quick look at BehenJi’s demand.

Some of them are listed but not in the true order

1. No further removal of Elepahant Statues or renaming of parks.

2. The Flyover near her mansion on Mahatma Gandhi Road in Lucknow should be dismantled.

3. Mr.Amar Sigh should not be made a Rajya Sabha MP on support of Samajwadi. No love seems lost between MulayamWadi and Mayawadi.

4. The proposed Wildlife sanctuary hosting Gir Lions will also house Elephants

Most important all the clan brothers of Mulayam will tie Rakhi to Mayawati and vow to safeguard and protect her.