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With AAP govt having quit, Delhi govt employees confused if they can start accepting bribes again

17, Feb 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

“Don’t Mind!”

New Delhi: With the Aam Admee Party having renounced power in Delhi, Delhi state government employees have gotten quite confused on the issue of accepting bribes. A key exclusion from this group were policemen, who were happy that their lives were now back to normal and had begun to reactivate their intricate bribery and extortion networks.

Faking News managed to reach out to a senior state government official who gave an interview on condition of anonymity. “I had made significant changes to my family’s lifestyle in the last 50 odd days,” the official said. “I had bought a Wagon R instead of a Mercedes S-class and also cancelled the European holiday one of our departmental contactors had booked for my family.”

“Mr. Kejriwal should have thought of us before quitting; at the very least, he should have announced a bribe policy for us,” the man added. “Even the public that approaches us is now confused whether to do a sting operation or not. I mean is the 1031 number even working now?”