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Will spring chickens win Gujraat poll?

20, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: There goes a saying that man proposes and God disposes of. But in the political faith, it appears that the politician proposes while the party disposes of. Whether it is the man or the party there remains concealed a definite aim in the arrangement. The human beings regard the Supreme Being as the ultimate provider while the politicians look upon the voters as their final giver. What can be said about Rahul Gandhi whose political importance has appeared passably in the continual turmoil of the Gujarat assembly elections? His political image has changed a lot.

His focus on the strategies to capture the BJP bastion through the voting power has brought him to a substantial political place. Vociferously declaring himself as Shivbhakt he started darting pointers on his rivals, and it was termed the best decision by his party men he had ever taken. His supporters even went on saying that this was helping him not only into his desired mission to achieve the party’s purpose in Gujarat polls but also help ease him into his transition as a leader. He wins hearts by his straightforward responses. People went on to tolerate him, his speeches, his criticisms and counter-reactions.

However, there is no dearth of senior citizens with political bent of minds flaying his soft religious mannerism in view of approaching legislative assembly elections in the state of Gujarat. He might not be a typical liberal who could not see past his own party’s thought. However, he could also not be described as spring chicken and that was why he considered himself fortunate enough to be nice to get the support of three young leaders related with the Patidars, the Dalits and the OBCs. On the Muslim votes, the Gandhi scion thinks the same what his senior Ahmed Patel keeps in the mind.