Saturday, 24th February, 2018

"Will come to power despite the initial trends or results" claim Congress leaders

16, May 2014 By @aceankit
After the initial trends suggesting BJP’s huge lead over the UPA, news is coming in that the Congress has prepared – and is ready with – a lethal strategy to stop this NDA landslide victory. “This is a master plan by Rahul baba and will render the Modi-wave, which does not exist, nullified,” claimed Abhishek Manu Singhavi, further adding that “BJP would run away from the field once baba’s plan is put into motion later today.”
When asked to elaborate, Salman Khurshid pitched in to explain: “this NDA lead means nothing; let them lead. Rahul baba has decided that we will chase from behind and score more in the seconds innings once we’re asked to follow-on after lunch later today.” He further added that this was the reason baba was missing from the dinner the other night – “he was busy with the net practice to ensure a good performance while everyone else was busy gossiping and eating. Look at his dedication, there can be no question, now, that he deserves to be the PM.”
Twitter India responded to this by trending the #WTF hashtag, while @RameshSrivats offered to help the Congress party deal with the loss by donating his #selfthoo hashtag to UPA.