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Why next Government isn't planning to reduce petrol prices?

07, May 2014 By aaybee

You are not reading manifestos properly if you are not able to answer that question. Let us understand few things. First, they are with us or might be their hand. Second, they want to protect us and keep us healthy, wealthy and reserved.

Well, following are the advantages and in our favor:

1. Go Green, it is a good way to inspire people use bicycle and some of it has been distributed before elections itself. Rate of petrol will discourage it’s usage and hence people will adopt ‘Go Green’ campaign

2. We will see a fall in drunk and drive cases. Did we see any case after that superstar’s case? Apparently, only those will be able to do it who can ditch the system with power. So, no comparisions remained

3. Girls will not get assualted in the running buses or cars. Their fuel might get over before they even start it

So, you will be thinking why it hasn’t been increased till now

1. We are patriots. In between, the price of petrol was competing against Sachin Tendulkar to reach 100. Govt. faced very difficult situation to keep it low but see we never let anything compete against GOD.

2. There would have been major competition between India’s ‘cheap’ mars mission and political parties’ campaign

If Govt. had increased the petrol price, the cost of mars mission would have gone higher in rupees and, we know, our political campaign has to be the costliest among all.

This is the time we show our economic strength after all it’s the biggest democracy of the world.