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Why Kejriwal uses same old Waagon R when he can afford a Lamborghini?

31, Mar 2014 By Avichal Singh

New Delhi: In an unprecedented news it has been found that Delhi’s former Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who declined to take police security and official chaufffer-driven car, is receiving huge amount of cash from the auto giant Marooti Soozooki to endorse its vehicle Waagon R, which is scheduled to get re-launched later this year.

Earlier October, Maruti Suzuki had reportedly offered a sum of Rs 100 million to Kejriwal for not taking security cover and official vehicle if he becomes the Chief Minister of Delhi.

The auto major is planning to launch the revamped model of its blockbuster vehicle Waagon R in July this year. The company wanted to promote the vehicle using the punch line “aam aadmi (common man) ka sacha yaar, Marooti Soozooki ka Waagon R.”

Therefore, the company thought that AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal would be the best man to promote the vehicle ahead of its re-launch.

But now, the company has decided to sue Kejriwal as he is not taking the endorsing deal seriously and roaming across the country without his blue Waagon R.

As per the two-year deal, Kejriwal would only travel in his blue Wagon R or he will walk on his foot.

Besides, the company is also worried because Kejriwal recently travelled in a charted plane and as per a clause in the deal, the company is liable to launch each category of the vehicle in which Kejriwal travels during the two year period of the contract.

In a statement released earlier, the company has clarified its inability to launch charted planes as it does not have big plants to manufacture jets and its majdoor union is already on strike over differences with the management.