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Why do people make vulgar videos for comedy, I make people laugh effortlessly: Rahul Baba

31, May 2016 By Pagla Ghoda

New Delhi: Veteran congress leader and next in line for the proverbial throne, Mr. Rahul Gandhi has whole heartedly condemned vulgar videos being made by various standup comedians and has asked people to come up with clean humor instead.

“Entertainment is everyone’s basic right. And I am dedicated to address this need of every Indian”

Addressing a huge rally of 450 congress karyakartas he said, “Mera manna hai ke logon ko maza aana chaiye. Which is why I love to make people laugh, to help them have that maza. It is indeed a big responsibility to make people laugh and for some reason I do it effortlessly, It comes naturally to me. I do not have to make spelling mistakes to make people laugh, like Ashutosh ji from AAP does. Or I do not make vulgar videos like some standup comics are doing right now. I believe in clean humor.”

After taking a pause and smiling at audience for 5 minutes Rahul Baba further continued, “I want to narrate an incident to you. Today morning.. when I woke up.. at night. … I mean in morning.. oh please don’t laugh now. Bhai main galtiya karta hun, main RSS se nahi hun, main logon ko hasane mein vishwas rakhta hun. And those who doubt me on that, let me tell you, I am always smiling. You would have noticed that even if it’s a tragic moment I always have a smile on my face. Whether it’s a drastic flood situation or someone committed suicide and I am visiting his kin, I always find occasions to pose for smiling-selfies with people. Hanste raho yaar, tabhi desh ka hoga vikas.” Rahul Baba showed his palm in “Congress Logo style” and a “smile emoticon” was drawn on it with marker pen.

It is also being rumored that Rahul Baba is now planning to release video CD’s of his public speeches and interviews which will have careful selection of footages where he made people ROFL and LMAO. In his final comments for the evening Rahul baba said, “Some of you were wondering why I visited a healthcare facility recently, well as you can guess, I was incessantly laughing a lot for no reason and mom panicked. She checked me into the hospital but I was later discharged. Laughing can have it’s negative sides too, but as I said earlier Hanste raho yaar, tabhi desh ka hoga vikas.”