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WHO's new Specimen for a research on Zombies: Rahul Baba

16, Apr 2015 By chakram

New Delhi: WHO was a very agressive saving tablets which can stop attacks of Zombies. They were doing research on being invisible so that zombie can’t see, it will confuse zombie. WHO found Rahul Baba as their perfect specimen. They couriered tablet coded as – SUNNY LEONE’S CLOTH. Rahul Baba ackonwledged receipt of the same. WHO has proof of email copies presented at United Nations.

After release of World War Z movie
After release of World War Z movie

When WHO’S representative Mr. Sherlok Holmes visited Indian parliament he was stunned. There was no evidence which can prove existence of Congress party even. All people he found was with lotus and Zaadu.

When he asked Prashant Bhushan about Rahul Gandhi, PB Said: “See, I have solved many cases, I do exercises in supreme court but since I am in contact with AJ I find myself as Fedex agent trying to deliver Lokpal bill, but this AJ has watched Ghajini movie and forgets what he says after every 15 minutes. Kumar Reliance has the talent of singing he keeps doing that, but I don’t have that much energy. “

Sherlock Holmes went to meet Sonia Gandhi but he couldn’t understood anything. He said if she could speak in English but she refused to do that. She said: “dekhiye, mere baccha Yadav ko chodna hi sahi rahega, WHO ka koi tablet nahi aya mere baba ke pass, Kapil Sibbal ne ek tablet bheja tha below 2000 INR but uska UI itna confusing that ki mere Rahul ko 5 din tak Laam Gopal Velma ke pass rakhna pada. Iske age kuch bhi bolungi to Dagvijayji nalaj ho jeyenga. kolly”

WHO has forwarded this case to A Team part 2, but Bradley Cooper is busy with Hangover 4 so it may get delayed.

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