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Western Uttar Pradesh must be declared 'Mini Pakistan' and given Independence: Prashant Bhusan

06, Aug 2014 By simplydimply

Meerut. Politician and senior Supreme court advocate Sh. Prashant Bhusan today demanded that western uttar pradesh must be accorded with the status of ‘mini pakistan’ and should be given independence.

“Well as you all can see there are growing number of similarities between Pakistan and western Uttar Pradesh. People affectionately called as kafirs are neither secure in Pakistan nor in western UP. Their women are being forcefully converted after being raped both in Pakistan and western UP. Talibanised mobs are on rampage both in Pakistan and western UP killing kafirs, looting their properties and grabbing their land. Like pakistani government state Government of UP too is hand in gloves with these elements. And, like good secularists like me, my leader kejriwal and all of our kind are firmly behind our particular minority vote bank and will never speak a word against these atrocities committed by our local Taliban. Therefore my humble suggestion is that on basis of my independence for Kashmir formula we must provide for immediate independence of western Uttar Pradesh so that the local Talibans can establish their caliphite without any resistance. We should behave like good secularist and show to the world that for protecting pseudo-secular values we are ready to divide our country into as many parts as our local taliban brothers want. I also take this opportunity to criticize and condemn Israel for defending its land and citizens from the gentlemen of Hamas. Israel must learn from us and surrender itself to Hamas,” Prashant bhusan told a gathering of pseudo secular enthusiasts.

Although presently there are not many takers for sh. Bhusan’s unholy suggestions but who knows in future what strategic cost the country will have to pay for blunderous comments and disastrous actions of political leaders who can’t see the world beyond their redundant interpretation of secularism and continuous mindless appeasement of sections for electoral gains.