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West Bengal decides to ban chicken and fish, fine and imprisonment for possession

07, Mar 2015 By Sushii Poddar

Kolkata : Chicken and fish lovers in West Bengal will now have to choose the path of vegetarianism. After seeking inspiration from the state of Maharashtra on implementing a blanket ban on beef, The West Bengal government has decided to ban the consumption of fish and chicken.

Only Maa Maati Maanush. No fish, No chicken.
Only Maa Maati Maanush. No fish, No chicken.

“Anyone found flouting the law will have to face a hefty fine of Rs. 1,00,000 or imprisonment for at least 10 years which may extend up to 70 years or both”, one of the ministers of the Assembly was quoted as saying. He further said, “We have proposed several amendments for the Animal Preservation Bill and have decided to make it illegal to sell or possess any kind of fish or chicken for human consumption.”

On contacting the Chief Minister, who was busy solving the problems of the local farmers, and inquiring into the reason behind such a move, she was heard saying, “Our holy scriptures, including the Gita and the Vedas, describe the people who consume animals as slayers. They have forbidden any kind of animal slaughter and have considered enmity towards animals as part of Satan’s philosophy. Since this is a Hindu state and most citizens follow our holy texts profoundly, we have decided to pass this bill.”

Spiritual swamis have welcomed this change, saying that since consumption of chicken and other non-vegetarian food results in greater incidences of rape and violence towards women, this bill would indirectly promote women safety and there would be no need to pass any more bills regarding the same. The opposition, who have also gladly accepted this change, believe that this bill is a revolutionary and historic step towards creating a more secular nation, where all animals, irrespective of their size and taste, would be treated equally.