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Weapons to be used by politicians in the upcoming general elections

10, Feb 2014 By khakshar

With the Election commission  ready to notify election dates after the Parliament session, the core issues related to General Elections appear to be  now settled. It seems that all canidates will be using these issues at the center of their electioneering though not exactly in the order listed in the column.

The “tel or oiling ” technology earlier a prerogative of Congress men has found acceptance with members of all political parties now. Political illiterates also call it sycophancy. It is used in abundance in selection of candidates. Leaders use it in different measures to gain candidature of political parties. It seems to be the primary factor in finalizing the Candidature.

The “Khel or the Drama”  effect starts from then on. It is demonstrated in form of rallies, meetings, chai chaupals, nukkad plays and what not. It is also called the Festival of Democracy by some Political  illiterates. It is the most enjoyable part of the whole process. BJP with it’s melodramatics has been a champion of the issue for last two decades. It precedes the ‘Thel’.

‘Thel or Push’ process is a complex phenomenon that has been in practice since long in Indian bureaucracy and politicians were not far behind to adapt it. It has been observed that neo political parties like AAP are using this issue during time of Governance making it the “Issue in Vogue”. The political illiterates call it “Putting the ball in others Court”. The “mother” of all failures  lies with the opposing candidate . It is a very complex issue and even Bollywood film makers could not master it. It can backfire at times .

The last but not the least issue is “Mel Beme  or alliance”. The  political  illiterates call it alliance.The third front is clear champion of the issue though now it seems that it will have to be practiced by BJP in view of results forecast-ed by early pollsters. The present UPA government seems to have lost clues about this effect. It is never based upon ideology but always based upon sharing of loots. It is the issue which involves deliberation and negotiation .