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"We will give lands occupied by Congress leaders & workers to farmers" - Rahul Gandhi

05, May 2015 By manithan

New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi is back and he is back with a bang. He has promised farmers across country that Congress leaders and workers will provide their lands to farmers and their homes to youth.

Speaking at a farmer’s rally outside Delhi, the heir apparent Rahul Gandhi, said, “Dekhiye! Modi government is killing farmers and poor people. For the past 67 years, they had been ruining India and that is continuing for the past one year too. Sum it, it will be 66 years. Haan! Making life terrible for poor since 66 years. That is BJP for you. This is a tie-pie sarkar. Eating tie and wearing pie. But, our Congress is not like that. We are for poor. We will make you poor. We will keep you poor, for poverty is the backbone of our nation.”

After giving his home for free to youth, Rahul Gandhi is now staying in trains.
After giving his home for free to youth, Rahul Gandhi is now staying in trains.

Adjusting the mic, Rahul made the best political announcement, “Suno Kisaano! We are against the corporate friend Modi. We will not let you suffer if Modi is trying to grab your land. If your land is grabbed, our Congress leaders will provide their farmlands and other lands to you for free. You can go to your nearby Congress office and claim your land for free. We will not let youth of this country suffer. Youth can approach nearby bungalows of Congress leaders and occupy it. Because, youth and farmers are our backbone and I will not allow backbone to be away from my heart. You all know that my heart and soul is Congress and our Congress buildings are your buildings, Our Congress farms are your farms.”

There was thunderous applause from the crowd and soon the farmers were seen leaving to their native places to approach nearby Congress leader farms. A happy farmer from a village in Bihar praised Rahul Gandhi for his sacrifice.

He said, “Jiye raho Rahul ji! We want leaders like you. Just now I evicted Congress MLA from his farm and divided it among my brothers. We will keep on voting for Congress and remove pro-rich Modi from PM post this election.”

Meanwhile, angered Congress workers agitated outside Rahul Gandhi residence by throwing flower bouquets at his residence and singing praise of him. They got their help from Indian media on how to praise Rahul Gandhi, even if he had removed them from their lands.