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We compromise to safeguard that we definitely become PMs

30, Mar 2014 By rajs

In a rare gesture in any democratic country known to the world, BJP PM Candidate Modi who opted for two safe seats mooted an idea of safe PM Seat. His plan was for grand alliance of Congress, BJP and AAP.

Each of the parties will withdraw their candidates against each other. Then whatever be the result and seats won by their parties, the 3 party PM aspirees will be allotted 1 year each to rule India as PM. At that time the others will not disturb him and also they will never ask any questions in the Parliament, during question hours.

Sensing the opportunity of 365 days of cash flow for the party Sonia advised Rahul to accept the offer and go and hug Modiji. Rahul seems to be reluctant and wanted to know who will be the 1st year PM. He had the question about the rest of the 2 years for which nothing was concretised.

AAP Kejriwal said he will any way go and talk to people after the elections about who will be the First Year PM. Seeing, that he is not reluctant to the idea, but only about the First year Headship, Modi immediately announced he will be the second year PM and he doesnt want the first year as his astrologer was reluctant about the first year for Modi. Rahul also was reluctant for the first year as he already planned for a one year world tour after sensing defeat from the opinion polls and it is not possible to reschedule that. Kejriwal after hearing all that asked in a meeting if he should be the first year PM, the crowd in a sleepy mood nodded their heads from left to right, but AAP Volunteers interpreted that as approval.

Hearing all these the other party chiefs, Jaya,Mamta,Yadav,Naidu,Mayawati, Karunanidhi etc. were vehemently criticising the grand alliance. Rahul announced that all of them can have 3 month terms as PM, so India will be very strong without any political dissension. Modi’s views are not known till this report is written.

As last reports reach, Jaya Mamta Mayawati were vehemently opposed to keeping them to the 4th year, rather they want to serve the country in the first instance. Also being the Indian tradition of Ladies first, they seek their ladies quota to be exercised in the first year.

Against parties sharing power like this without competition there was PIL filed by Dr.Subramaniam Swamy and Judge seemed to have asked him “Dr.Swamy if you are given 3 month tenure, will it be O.K. ?” Dr.Swamy’s reply is not received yet. In the meanwhile BJP President has already initiated expulsion action against Dr.Swamy.

Anna Hazare on hearing the news started a new satyagraha for Grand alliance of citizens, so that each one will be PM for one day in their lives. That satyagraha is said to have been supported so far by 123 crore people, But the Statistics department of India is still unable to comment on how many of the citizens are below PM age.

Suggestions are pouring in about what to wear during their individual terms to Kejriwal, Modi and Rahul as in the picture, that they cannot ignore.