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VYAPAM scam to get a name makeover

14, Jul 2015 By tusharads

Keeping in mind the deaths that have happened related to Vyapam scam the MP state officials are worried and decided to investigate it further. They found out the deaths are not due to foul play or something but due to its name. One of the team member investigating it said, ”If you observe, the word Vyapam has silent ‘Yam’ in it. Yam is the Hindu God of death. This is the reason why anyone involved and uttering the word Vyapam is inviting Yam and it results in his death’.

They have shared their report with the BJP ministers and they taken a high level meeting with MP CM Shivraj Chouhan. This reporter had a chance to speak exclusively with the Madhya Pradesh CM who acknowledged that its all in the name. They are planning to consult a numerologist to get it changed. The CM refused to speak the Vyapam word fearing his life.

Ekta Kapoor’s numerologist had came forward to help but BJP ministers were keen on using an in-house numerologist from RSS. The in-house numerologist suggested that the M in Vyapam needs to be replaced with R. This will make this multi crore scam to be called as ‘Vyapar’. Thus, the multi-crore scam will be instantly converted into multi-crore business.

On conditions of  anonymity one of the BJP leader told that once this is successful in MP it can be replicated to other states. Meanwhile, the numerologist’s funeral was held at city crematorium.