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Vyapam Scam™ makes it to the Number 1 spot in the list of World's Unsolved Mysteries

13, Jul 2015 By electroman

Bhopal. The Great Vyapam Scam™ has made it into the record books. One that will attract thousands of thrill seeking tourists to the site. It could literally put Madhya Pradesh in the hot list of world famous tourist attractions. With the Vyapam Scam™ killing more than 45 people in a couple of years and no explanation from the officials other than death due to natural causes such as getting hit by train, burnt by kerosene, etc. Even death by gunshot to the head is also announced as natural death.

Sarv-Vyapam Scam!
Exclusive: India’s Sarv-Vyapam Scam!

The Vyapam Scam™ is a result of an unstoppable exam cheating racket meeting immovable corrupt Netas. It is rumored that the Vyapam Scam™ will dethrone the bubonic plague as the worlds 3rd biggest epidemic in a few days. So the officials from Ripley’s Believe It Or Not sent their adjudicators to authenticate the credentials of the Vyapam Scam™. They all started dying one by one under Mysterious Circumstances(MC) as soon as they started inquiring about it.

Ripley’s sent a medical team to conduct postmortem of the bodies, but Madhya Pradesh government has already announced it as natural deaths and that the bodies have vanished. They provided the Ripley’s team with the death certificate which also vanished after the press meet. The doctor who issued the death certificate was also found dead under MC.

There was also a journalist who died by frothing in the mouth when he tried to say the words Vyapam Scam™. Soon the Government hospitals will be opening a special mortuary for the Vyapam Scam™ victims. When we tried to find out details about the Vyapam Scam™, the local villagers said that it has been around for centuries and doing its killing silently without anyone noticing. There is a list of famous people who were actually killed by the Vyapam Scam™, but nobody knows about it. The list includes people like

Adolf Hitler Bruce Lee Kurt Cobain Marilyn Monroe John F Kennedy Michael Jackson

All who’ve once benefited by the Vyapam Scam™ and were finished off later to tie off loose ends.

Please Note: The author of this article was found dead under MC. It is suggested by Faking News that you delete your browser history and throw away your computer as soon as possible to avoid death under MC.