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Voters in Delhi put ink mark on their fingers to prove they have voted

04, Dec 2013 By thejoker

Just do this and be a certified responsible citizen.

Delhi: Manju aunty, a very well known figure in the Delhi kitty party scene was seen waving her hand at everyone’s face telling them how voting helps the country and all that fancy shit.

But all hell broke loose when someone who had actually voted pointed out that the ink mark on Manju aunty’s right hand should have been on the left instead.

After certain defending, Manju admitted to have used her son’s ink bottle to make that mark just so that she could portray herself as a responsible citizen of the capital.

When we visited Manju aunty’s facebook fan page, we saw a lot of her pics waving and pointing for the camera and all of them had the same caption – “if you love me, you would go and vote.”

And the most recent update on her page was from the election day at 11 in the morning which read “Voting – feeling patriotic” and everyone who was a part of the fan page was tagged in that post.

We had a chat with Manju and she told that almost everyone she knew had done this, like it was a fad. She said, “We are busy people, and of course cannot make time to go stand in queues and vote. so in order to motivate people we need to do such things.”

Later in the day Digvijay Singh of the INC made a statement about it saying, “All such people should be deemed as criminals, and should be tried in a CBI court”.