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Vinod Binny offered Delhi CM candidature by BJP, rejects it and demands PM post

14, Sep 2014 By bhaarat

Delhi. The Delhi CM-Game took a terrible twist yesterday, when Vinod Kumar Binny rejected the Delhi CM Candidature offered by BJP. This twist turned fatal when he claimed that he was the real contender of the PM post, and so NaMo should be replaced by him with immediate effect. Following is the complete report:


Vinod Kumar Binny, the super politician claiming complete credit for failure of AAP , was offered Delhi CM Candidature as per the contract signed between him and the Saffron Party before Delhi assembly elections. But challenging the BJP’s annual appraisal report, which said that Binny only did what he was ‘supposed to do‘, Binny said that he had performed extraordinarily well, beyond expectations (even his own expectations). He even went on to compare his efforts as ‘better than Modi’s efforts’.

He alleged that his performance was not limited to Delhi, but had far reaching effects which created ripples in the whole of India (which he calls ‘Binny ki Leher’) which led to BJP winning the Lok Sabha elections. So if someone is to be credited for BJP’s massive victory, its him. On these lines, he claimed himself as the real contender for PM. He even threatened to support the congress if his demands were not met. To make things worse, he stepped up his MRP from Rs 4 Crore to a whooping 40 Crore, making it difficult for already cash-strapped Delhi BJP to buy him.

Speaking to Faking News correspondent on conditions of anonymity, a Delhi BJP spokesperson said “We had already set aside Rs 4 crore for Binny, but with him raising his MRP, it has become difficult for us to buy him. We may have to look for some other AAP MLA as his replacement.” The leader added, “These are tough times, and with the Modi Sarkar’s tough stance on Black Money, it has become difficult for us to buy MLAs. We have already tabled a bill in the parliament to legalize buying MLAs. We are also working with and so that we may have a simple and transparent horse-trading process.

Commenting on Digvijay’s statement that “Binny cannot be trusted”, Binny laughed, That trait actually makes me most suitable for the Congress.