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Veteran politician announces ‘Dig it Diggy Style” coaching classes for single men, admission forms out

06, May 2014 By advancedmaushi

After sending shockwaves to the world by his charismatic personality, a seasoned politician who successfully is dating a woman half his age has taken up a challenge to empower men who are still using their hands for various essential physical needs.

The aim of the coaching classes would be to empower men above 45 with tips and tricks to keep it up even when it is going down. Mainly, how to woo a friend of your daughter’ & lead her to click nude selfies with you. After-all, the rate of hooliganism & assholiness is reaching an all time high, so a little bit of more added to it won’t lead to apocalypso.

The admission forms are out , one can buy this at your nearest panwala shop, stationery, milk-man or order it online via their website which never goes down, ironically. We exclusively bring you the first cut of this form only to our readers who are still single and passed the age of 45 and looking for some booty action, you can download it right here fill the form with your body juices and be the first one to be graduated. Read on.



 Address: Substandard Colony 420, Lord.Faulkland Street, Opp. Amoral Butcher Shop, PIN: 1LUV69


Name: Shri. Tharki (First Name) (Last Name)

Last Girlfriends Name: Shrimati. Tunch. (First Name) (Last Name) (Provide Mobile No. Photograph, Facebook Profile & Adress. This is compulsory)

Eligibility: Above 45 years.

Educational Qualification (Choose One): o Saw colleges from outside o 5th Fail o K.T. in Kinder Garten

Profession: (Choose One) o Con Artist o Thug or Politician o Sells pirated DVD’s on stations

How did you come to know about the course? o Curiosity got the best out of you o Cheap website pop-ups o My friends suggested

Further describe your personality, you need to have at-least 5 of the below qualities (Tick Yours): Inadequate Unpropitious Unwelcome Grievous Dreadful Grim Smutty Dire Indecorous Obscene Coarse Ruinous Foul Shame-faced Ghastly

Terms & Condtions* All lessons and any related material supplied by us are a copyright of Dig it like Diggy. One of your family members must have some kind of a police case going on. An advance of Rs.5000 for bail papers, in-case you are arrested for sexual exploitation. Rs.25000 extra for private lounge. This Includes unlimited porn download & personal loo. No money back guarantee.

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