Wednesday, 25th April, 2018

Varun outwits Rahul in political vision

08, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Something different has come from Varun Gandhi who has recently talked of high-quality politics. He talked of Niti, good politics and common man’s grumblings. Although he has followed the political party different from his ancestor’s views yet he appeared to have been improving on his political thoughts. He seemed to be different from Rahul Gandhi.

There is nothing out of the ordinary if the two emerging leaders of the Nehru-Gandhi family are attempting to achieve the matching status in the country’s politics which their ancestors attained in the past decades. Rahul Gandhi and Varun Gandhi are scions of the same family. They adhere to the politics of different notions. If one goes with the oldest political party, another follows the saffron party. One struggles for the higher position in the party while another tries to find an important place in another party.

Varun Gandhi seems to be more kind towards the common man’s grumbles that is why he has talked of Niti. His latest thoughts tell of his maturity towards the political perfection. He urged the country’s youths to tread the path of service to the people. It is this vital idea that holds the central theme in our democratic politics. Victory or defeat in the electoral politics was not the sole objectives of the free politics. He even stressed upon the people’s choice of recalling the elected representatives if they were somewhere faltering in their responsibilities. The electorates have right to get rid of such inert politicians.

He is somewhere unvoiced on methods to fight the caste or communal politics. It is these very points which rule the roost in our country’s political scenario. Despite all the good things in the politics, the bitterness over the above-mentioned facts so not sink. The political considerations ultimately revolve around this sample as it fully adjusts the voting pattern.