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Various people disappointed not to find "achchhe din". Find out what they say.

22, Mar 2015 By frustmanoos

Jhumritalaiyya. Our reporter, Bundle Noswami, spoke to many aam aadmis and aam aurats across the country to gauge Modi government’s performance in the last 10 months, 4 days, 18 hours and 52 seconds. This is what he heard-

Khanna family in Delhi has been grappling with the problem of water seeping through their walls in the drawing room for the last 1 year. They had voted for Modi, hoping that he would send a plumber to investigate and correct the matter, free of cost of course.

The family is deeply disappointed with Modi’s lack of interest in this burning (rather dripping) issue. Mr. Khanna said, “I feel cheated. Instead of a land acquisition bill, Modi should have sent a plumber to our residence.”

Modi Sarkar?
Bar Bar Modi Sarkar?

Mr. Tiwari in Varanasi was even more scathing in his criticism of Modi government. He complained that his local barber had increased his rates by more than 50% since Modi won from Varanasi. Sadly, Modi did not take any step to check this. Mr. Tiwari said that the resulting rampant inflation was eating into his savings.

Mr. Gaytondkar in Nagpur lambasted Modi government for failing to ban the use of Helmets in Nagpur city. Mr. Gaytondkar said, “Gadkari roamed around Nagpur without helmet and Modi did nothing. However, I am being harassed by Traffic police for not wearing Helmet. This is corruption at its worst!”

Mr. Subramanian from Coimbatore said that the biggest failure of Modi government was that it had failed to reinstate Amma on the throne in Chennai. This shows Modi’s arrogance and failure to protect his friends.

Mrs. Bannerjee in Kolkata said that Modi government was being vindictive in targeting Bangladeshi immigrants. She denounced Modi government for differentiating among citizens based on their citizenship. She said Bangladeshi immigrants had been a part of India for centuries and Modi government was fanning ill will between communities.

Bundle Noswami also spoke to some politicians to seek their reactions.

Uma Bharti rubbished all criticisms by saying “Mandir toh Ayodhya main hi banayenge”.

Sitaram Yechury called for Workers of the world to unite. He expressed hope that CPM would topple Mamata government in Bengal and reclaim power there within this century.

Rahul Gandhi expressed his surprise at Modi having formed the government. He criticized Manmohan Singh for having failed to inform him of this development. He also tore up what seemed like a bill to emphasize his point.

Mulayam Singh Yadav and Sharad Pawar also mumbled their views. However, our reporter was unable to comprehend what they were saying. It is safe to assume that they criticized Modi government.