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Vadra unable to occupy new land due to dense fog

11, Jan 2014 By Anirudh Ranjan

New Delhi: Delhi government under Arvind Kejriwal is very happy these days. Their recently conducted SMS Poll which was monitored by Yogendra Yadav came out with cherishing results.

robert vadra
Vadra waiting for summer.

91.3% of respondents claim that cases of illegal occupation of land  has come down. Aam Aadmi is giving Kejriwal its credit. They are saying it is result of sincere efforts by Kejriwal Ji  against all sorts of corruption. When our sources went to ground zero( Yes Ground Zero) they came to know a different story.

But a senior scientist of state Meteorological Department revealed a different angle of “Cases of Illegal Occupation going Down”. Mr. Rajesh Chawla (Name changed for protecting him from getting trolled on Twitter) told us that cases of ilegal occupation of land is indeed going down, but it has nothing to do with Kejriwal.

He said, “When Arvind Kejriwal took oath on 28th Dec 2013, coincidentally we discovered a low pressure area above NCR after he took oath.”

When asked that, is this ‘low pressure’ area is related to High Pressure which people put on Arvind Kejriwal by actually replying to his SMS poll using their own money; he flatly answered NO. He said this Low Pressure area is result of heat being emitted in atmosphere, which was formed when BJP came to know that Arvind Kejriwal is actually going to form government.

He went on telling that due to this Low Pressure Area, high fog formation was noticed in atmosphere above NCR. This fog restricted visibility to just 50 meters which made it very difficult for people to travel and see other things present at distance.

Due to this low visibility the boss of all illegal land occupiers Mr. Robert Vadra was not able to find new lands for illegally occupying in this new year. This brought down the number of cases of illegal occupation of land.

On this one of our sources accused Mr. Rajesh Chawla of being a Sanghi Troll. When Mr. Chawla asked the reason for accusation, he simply told that, “You people will never give credit to Arvind Kejriwal, you yourself has told me that Low Pressure area was generated because of the high heat emitted by BJP when they come to knew about Kejriwal forming government. Our source also told Mr. Chawla that by seeing his behavior towards Kejriwal Ji, he is sure that Mr. Chawla has serious influence of RSS over him. After this our source has told our another source that he is now working on a story on “Sanghi Ideology in Meteorological Department” .