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UPSC introduces new subject for mains “Rahul G psychology”

17, Dec 2013 By atul15

UPSC has introduced a new subject to its already exhaustive mains subject list called as Rahul G psychology.

Keeping up with its new found desire to formulate new moves to obliterate Delhi’s famous civil services coaching mandis, the upsc has decided to come up with this new paper. This will be a compulsory paper like one language paper but of only qualifying in nature.

One senior member of the committee who decides on these matters has said on the condition of anonymity that this paper is added to lighten up the mood of the aspirants who took civil service exam so seriously that they start behaving like zombies after one month of preparation.

Another source who has headed earlier dept of “Dynasty enforcement” has said this paper will prepare our future bureaucrats mentally to cope with the decision making ability of our middle aged ,teen aged mind  and perennial learner and sooner or later to be prime minister Mr. Rahul G rather naustradramatically.

But according to breaking news channel Indiatimes this decision is made to encourage the weaker sections of the society who are more familiar with rahul G’s psychology and thinking, confirmed by a jubilant Mr. Chakna raj as he got god sent opportunity to have candle light dinner with rahul g in his mud house with the melodious rendition of their buffalo lata’s monotonous humming in back ground.

But keeping in trend with our tradition of making hue and cry whenever there is a change in upsc exam pattern/papers the coaching institutes of Delhi headed by Mr. Prakash Tijoriwala has started a signature petition campaign to UN to declare delhi coaching mandi as a heritage site so that the moves to made them redundant could be stopped. This petition campaign was signed by all the chaiwalahs, books stores, raddi wala, samose wala, 5 *.05 sqft room rent services and their kids who want to  carry on their dads legacy on and on.