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Uproar as Dalit Girl marries General Quota Boy!!!

09, Nov 2012 By NSK

Outraged by a recent incident involving the marriage of a poor dalit girl to a rather common middle class general quota boy, the dalit community of Trichulvali has come out in protest.

“This is illegal and absurd. How dare that General Quota boy marry an OBC girl!!” exclaimed a local dalit leader.

The girl, Sukmani had eloped with Rajan, an accountant by profession two days earlier. It was informed that Sukmani’s parents had objected to their marrage sighting caste differences.

“I am not against his caste,” clarified Ponappan, Sukmani’s father, ” He is not an OBC, neither a ST or SC, Hell… he isn’t even in the minority category. He belongs to the cheap 50% category of Generals.”

Rajappan, a local dalit head added more into the issue, ” How can he educate their children? The child cannot be a dalit anymore right? My son had joined the IIT a few years ago, can their children do that?”

On inquiring more about his son, we found out that Shivarajan had dropped out of the course a year ago,

” They haven’t provided reservation in the college results, see how our groups are still being tormented in India. But fear not, we will fight for 50% reservations in pass outs as well. But ofcouse, I would feel bad for Sukmani, she could have atleast joined a NIT with her brains. She scored 52% in her 8th you know?” he added.

A small portion of leaders, namely Digvijay Singh has asked for the Government to add another 49% reservation for children born out of a either dalit parent.

“In this case, the child will get reservation if either of his or her parent is a dalit. It was Rahul Baba’s idea.”

When our correspondent inquired if the 49% will be included in the 50% already provided, the senior leader gave us a stern look,

“Are you crazy? Of course not….we are asking for an additional 49%, leaving 1% for the General Category. After all, the 49% will include half General Category also right? This will further encourage inter cast marriage. Rahul Baba is brilliant, no?”

Our correspondent was last seen editing his matrimonial profile.

Disclamer : this article does not subscribe to casteism, we apologise to anyone who got offended based on region, religion, caste, creed , colour, profession, position, relation, politician, nation, inclination, confusion, oh hell!!!! Just get offended!!!!