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To uphold his secular image and let his MP fly again, Shiv Sena buys a flying carpet for Gaikwad

04, Apr 2017 By manithan

 Mumbai: Shiv Sena MP Gaikwad is in the centre of storm, i.e., being covered by Times Now ever since he slapped a flight crew member. After this tussle, he was barred from flying in few aircraft in India.

To make its MP fly again, Shiv Sena is flexing its muscles in all possible ways. Saying of all the difficulties in making him fly, a Shiv Sena worker said, “Ever since he had been grounded, we had been trying to make our Sir fly at any cost. We tried to appease few airlines, threatened few airliners and even tried to bribe them. But, they were very stern in their decision. Heck, if only aeroplanes had toll booth, we would have captured it and ransacked it to quench our anger. But Alas! they don’t ply through toll booths.”

Shiv Sena MP Gaikwad flying with the new magic carpet, thanks to his party head.
Shiv Sena MP Gaikwad flying with the new magic carpet, thanks to his party head.

“Coming back to the sad story of our Gaikwad Sir,”, continued the worker, “we were trying to request helicopters, but it was costly. We even tried to stuff our Sir in a cardboard box and send via cargo, but they scanned and found him. As a last resort, we even gave our Sir many tins of Red Bull so that he can get wings. But, he only became mad and started beating us all. It was when we took this matter to our Uddhav ji.”

Another worker standing nearby continued from where the previous worker left, “Uddhav ji closed his eyes for few seconds and then opened it. He told us to leave and come back in two hours. When we returned back to his room, we saw a carpet on the floor and Uddhav ji sitting on it. He told to call Gaikwad at once to his office. Before his arrival, Uddhav ji said something to the carpet and he started floating in the room. We were shocked and excited.”

“Resting the carpet on the floor, Uddhav ji then said ‘Flying carpets cannot be prevented by authorities. If anyone tries to prevent the carpet from flying or tries to shoot, we can claim that as an attack on secularism, because flying carpets are synonymous with Arabian tales. Now, Gaikwad can fly without any cost and without any fear. Also, with no member around, he can only slap himself, which is my punishment for him.'”, said the worker with stars in his eyes.

Remarking on the decision of letting Gaikwad fly within India in the magic carpet, famous journalist Rabhka Tudd said, “The revolutionary Uddhav has come up with his masterstroke to showcase himself as the poster boy of secularism. By letting his MP fly in a carpet, he has outwitted (W)Right brothers.”