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UPA to reserve "Right to dream" for Gandhi family

18, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

After claiming that various things that happened to India were the dreams of Rajiv Gandhi or Indira Gandhi or Jawaharlal Nehru or Motilal Nehru, the UPA government has issued a press release noting the “Right to dreaming” would soon be reserved exclusively for the Nehru/ Gandhi family.

Rahul seeing yet another dream.
Rahul seeing yet another dream.

Digvijay Singh, senior Congress leader and jester-in-chief at Race Course Road said, “We want only secular forces in this country to dream… and until we are sure that no communal dreaming is happening, we are reserving the right to dream for Sonia madamji, Rahul Gandhiji, Priyanka Gandhiji, Robert Vadraji and the progeny of Vadraji and Priyankaji.”

When quizzed over what the Congress party would do if Rahul Gandhi happened to suddenly declare this move ‘nonsense’ as well, Mr. Singh replied, “We will of course, retract the move and claim that was our plan all along. We are more flexible than the BJP, you see,” Digvijay Singh said. “We have the perpetual capacity to stoop even lower.”