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UPA to bring Right to Individual Mapping bill to handle demand for separate states

01, Aug 2013 By Sushant Sharma

With the demand of separate states and hence split the lands rising in other parts of India after the formation of Telangana, Govt of India has come up with a new bill called Right to Individual Mapping (RIM) bill under which there would be no need to demand separate state, every individual can assume the boundary of any state according to his/her own wish. That means there will be no national map and each individual would have right to choose the boundary of his/her state or city. There will be no official boundary. The govt has brought this to get rid of individual demands.

Speaking exclusively to Faking News, Manish Tewari revealed his master plan “You know the controversy around Shobha De’s tweet. Then we have people who want Gorkhaland, then some want UP to be split into four parts, then we have demand to carve out Vidharbha from Maharashtra. People get furious as these demands rise and this leads to lot of damage of public property in the following agitations. We are tired of the these demands. We don’t have time for this. UPA is already busy in executing a number of scams and we have our final 8 months in government. Hence every second is important for this government as a number of scams are still pending. We don’t want to heed these sinister demands.  So we have brought this scheme where each individual has the right to split the state on his own. There will be a separate map related to each individual which will describe the boundaries which he/she wishes to have. We have thought to add this ‘individual map’ feature with the Aadhar card database of each person of the country. Anyways Aadhar card were not coming of much use, so we thought to add. The maps of each individual’s choice would be available on Internet.”

Speaking to Faking News, another creative minister Kapil Sibal compared RIM to Right to Education bill(RTE). On asked if this scheme will meet the same fate as that of RTE, he chose not to comment.

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