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UPA Think Tank reacts to Sardar Statue Project

07, Jan 2014 By grsv

This grandiose initiative of Narendra Modi has sent deep tremors & shivers up the spine of Congress top brass. An Emergency meeting of the Congress High Command was called to discuss how this could be countered.

Sonia Gandhi called the meeting to order and expressed her shock of this initiative from Modi. His trucks bearing his image are slated to go all over India in the next 2 months and soon his message would reach every village and all Indians would have his face etched in their minds, especially as NaMo masks were being distributed by the trucks at the same time.

Maun Mohan moaned : Oh Madam, what will happen to your legacy now ? Poor Baba is being sidelined by NaMo. Sheilaji even could not get the crowds to listen to his strong speeches. We thought tearing up papers would boost his image. But in Delhi, during winter, all AAs on the streets tear up papers to light fires to keep warm. Now in last 2 days, more paper is available as files are being shredded to hide facts from AK. OOOH, what to do now.

Sonia: Chup raho, Maunmohanji. We need suggestions, not mauning. we need idea for bigger initiative, one that BJP & NaMo could not do.

Chidu chimes in : Madamji, we can build bigger statue of Shri Hanuman at Rameswaram, preparing to fly to Lanka

Salman Khurshid : This can be construed by Lankans that we are planning to invade & conquer Lanka. Rajivji pulled out of Lanka. So I veto from foreign policy point of view

Sonia : Yes, we cannot go against Rajiv ji’s vision.

Chidu ( under his breath ) : Shit, there goes my chance to upstage Amma. This Khurshid should stick to getting Khobragade out of NYC.

Shinde : I suggest we build bigger Shivaji statue at Mahalakshimi by acquiring Race Course.

Rahul Gandhi : Was Shivaji member of Congress Party? Why should we do this? why not statue of my Great Grandfather Panditji ?

Sonia : Baba, that is too obvious as he and Sardar Patel were two choices in front of Gandhi ji. If we put statue of Panditji, BJP will make it Patel vs Pandit.

Priyankaji ( Special Invitee) : There is only one issue that can upstage BJP & NaMo and make Rahul baba the Chosen one

All in chorus : What is it Priyankaji ? Please enlighten us.

Priyankaji : Ragababa must build the Ram Mandir. We are not Hindustan for nothing. The Ram Mandir will eclipse everything. It has to be the project of the Century. Ragababa must camp at Ayodhya and be the Project in charge and etc etc

All in chorus : What an Idea, Priyankaji

Rahul : when do we start, when do we start? Didi, can I hold press conference now ?

Didiji : Not so fast. We have to plan this carefully. After all, it is BJP who have all the temple plans and details. We must enter into confidential negotiations with Advaniji, who is looking for his own PM ship and tell him that he has to ally with us to build Temple to neutralize Modi. That we will fight elections together with Advani on Temple plank and Advani as PM. That way, Dynasty will be safe and NAMo restricted to Gujarat. Raga can be PM after Advani or maybe I can be PM in 2019.

Chairman : It is agreed then. Chiduji will open secret negotiations with LKA on Temple to counteract Sardar Statue & Modi. Congress will ally with Advani in 2014