Monday, 19th February, 2018

UPA on austerity drive, spent Rs. 100 cr only on Ad campaign

23, Sep 2012 By idiot420

Amid serious economic crisis and political instability UPA government has launched an ad campaign promoting ‘Bharat Nirman’ . This campaign will feature the development work done during the regime of Congress .

On the other side NDA allies are criticizing this effort and declaring it a waste of money in a debt ridden country . They said it’s so ironical on Congress part as one side PM is talking of austerity drive and on other side they are spending such a whooping amount on ads .

But is this really such a big amount in current scenario, where even a local news channel rejects to give coverage if scam size is below Rs. 1000 crore . A time where any Tom,Dick and Harry from bollywood is confident for entering into a Rs. 100 crore club and big superstars prefers to talk about 300 crore club . So if we analyse Congress’s expenditure keeping in mind all happening around world, i don’t think 100 crore is even worth talking about .

Congress is so habituated of handling cheques with uncountable zeros that this amount is just like a pocket change for them, although not for others . Just try to analyse the situation with a real life event . For example when you are listening to loud music on your i-pod and just try to whisper in your friend’s ear, to others you will be loud but to yourself you are just whispering .

So i think we should ignore UPA’s this move and count it under their austerity drive. And keeping in mind UPA is the richest political party of India, thank God it’s just Rs. 100 crore only .