Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

UPA govt to grant separate state to Robert Vadra for land scams

12, Aug 2013 By Vaibhav Anand

An inside source within the Congress party has revealed that the UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi has written a letter to the Prime Minister’s Office requesting creation of a separate state for her son-in-law. The proposed move is intended to help Mr. Vadra to grab land at dirt cheap rates and resell it later at exorbitant rates to property developers. Additionally, Madam Gandhi has requested in her letter that the newly carved state have no IAS officers or other officers of the bureaucracy, to allow the transactions to go through smoothly.

The letter appears to have come in response to Ashok Khemka presenting a 100 page report detailing the murky dealings between Mr. Robert Vadra and DLF. Speaking to this Faking News reporter on condition of anonymity, the source said, “Even a Chetan Bhagat book has more pages. What can Mr. Khemka prove in 100 pages that our government can’t deny, disprove or pass an ordinance quickly to justify retroactively?”

Mr. Vadra was unavailable for comment. However Rahul Gandhi, the Youth Congress head, refused to confirm or deny the development but did make a trademark meaningless statement. “All states are a state of mind,” he said enigmatically.