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UPA expected to respond to Modi’s Sardar Patel statue with 5000 foot tall Honey Singh statue

20, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Delhi: Inside sources from within Congress party headquarters have revealed that the party would soon come out with its response to Narendra Modi’s proposed statue of Sardar Patel with a statue project of its own. However none of the Congress’ allies could agree to a common figure whose statue could be built.

Honey exclaimed,
Honey exclaimed, “Yo Yo” after the news reach his ears.

“Every regional party in the mix wants a statue of their own leader,” a Congress source said on condition of anonymity. “Mamta Didi wants a statue of herself. Mulayam Singh Yadav wants a Mulayam Singh Yadav statue,” he said. “Only two people did not ask for statues of themselves- Madam Mayawati who said that she already has enough statues to last her a thousand lifetimes and Rahul Gandhi, who for whatever reason, asked for a Krishh statue. He really loves kids’ movies you see.”

“I have no clue what they’ll all finally agree to,” the source said, “But Honey Singh seems to have a good chance. He’s a top class guy… whenever there are crimes against women, we blame his songs for causing them. And he takes it sportingly. In fact he releases songs which are even more misogynistic thereafter.”

“I think we’ll put the statue up in Delhi,” he added. “Then Sheilaji can easily say the situation is not in her hands… but in those of Honey Singh.”