Friday, 20th April, 2018

UPA empowered Satya Nadella to become Microsoft CEO: Rahul Gandhi

07, Feb 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

After an Indian called Satya Nadella, who was relatively unknown till now, became the new CEO of Microsoft, very few institutions have wasted time in trying to claim that they had a “hand” in Nadella’s development.


Aside from Mr. Nadella’s school (Hyderabad Public School) and various colleges, the Congress party has also quickly jumped into the fray of trying to claim that they had everything (or most things) to do with his elevation to CEO.

“This is the best example of Bharat Nirman,” Rahul Gandhi, Congress Vice President said, who coincidentally is almost as old as Mr. Nadella. “Both the father and father-in-law of Mr. Nadella were IAS officers in Congress governments.”

When informed that Nadella had joined Microsoft 22 years ago and that the current Congress party could not have, in any way, empowered him 22 years ago, Mr. Rahul Gandhi said, “What Rahul Gandhi wants to do, is Rahul Gandhi and millions of youngsters in this country want to change the way the system in this country works. What Rahul Gandhi wants to do is empower the women in this country, wants to unleash the power of these women, I mean we talk about being a superpower.”

Reacting to the confused look on this reporter’s face, Mr. Gandhi asked, “What if I ask that question back to you?”