Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

UP mein dum hai

05, Apr 2014 By khakshar

The Dum development of Uttar Pradesh which had been derailed  after Azam Khan’s  Bhansiya episode  seems to have passed awy. With the looming General elections scheduled in near future the Dum developement is back on track.

The ruling  Samajwadi party is showcasing this by fielding seven candidates of a certain family in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. It proudly showcases this as their pilot project as increase in number of candidates from the family is nearly 100 percent with respect to last elections.

The Party is also showcasing it’s cultural  offering of Safai Mahotosav and the Dum shown by it’s ministers and party worker in regards efficient working of  the administration. In NOIDA the SP candidate Mr.Bhatti has urged the Pahelwans to show Dum and good social activism by ensuring  minimum Ninty percent voting.  Mr.Bhatti had earlier been credited with transfer of an unethical and non performing SDM as alleged by the Sandys of western UP.

The Congress not to be left behind is showcasing speeches of Mr.Imran Mashood and Mr.Salman Khushid  as the centre’s program of “Minority Empowerment”. The Congress  is also harping on MNREGA as leaders like Mr.Beni Prasad Verma shall be engaged in the scheme.

BJP,Congress,RLD,AAP have also fielded renowned artists as candidates from Mathura, Jaunpur, Baghpat and Lucknow respectively in order to highlight the cultural developement done by them in Uttam Pradesh.

The BSP which seems to have lagged behind in showing Dum is contemplating revival of it’s heritage of  slogan “Tilak,Tarazu …, Inko Maro Jute Char” .