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UP getting ready for Caliphate

09, Sep 2014 By sr1987

The Uttar Pradesh state is apparently getting ready to usher in the Caliphate, adding to the long list of path breaking politics and governance prevalent there, said Un-Kadak Singh Yadav, a prominent politician from the Samajwadi Party.

Now in Uttar Pradesh

“We are ready to welcome Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, to our state. This will help us get over the bashing we received in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections”, he said in a press conference here in Lucknow. He further added that there were great similarities in their ideologies.

He denied that all this was being done for vote bank politics. He added that they have already started the process of turning the state into something suitable for the Caliphate. He promised his core voter base that there will be more riots like ones orchestrated in Muzzafarnagar last year. “We need to pull up our socks,” he said, correcting it as ‘Mozey’ after Hazam Khan, his colleague, pointed out the politically correct word for it. “We are trying a lot of options, and Love Jihad is a good scheme, which is gaining popularity and momentum,” he said.

Asked if the BJP government or its ideological parent, the RSS will pose problems in this endeavor, he dismissed them saying that they will not succeed in stopping us. He said its easy to provoke them by secretly desecrating a few of their worship places. He wished they could entirely demolish them, similar to how the Mughals did in their heyday. “This is a good plan as they will strike first and we will get sympathy from our friends in the media, like Darkha Butt and Ghagrika Choch”.

The press conference ended abruptly when Hazam Khan threw a chair at a police officer who brought the news that his buffaloes had gone missing again.