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UP CM Akhilesh supports net neutrality citing his love for torrents

15, Apr 2015 By viveks

Lucknow: Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has also joined the Net Neutrality debate by declaring his open support for the movement, saying that he is a big proponent of freedom and he himself exercises this freedom by downloading things for free everyday.

Akhilesh Yadav
Speaking about the vital need of Torrent, Songs.pk in context of Net Neutrality

Mr. Yadav said that earlier he didn’t knew about this whole net neutrality thing which everybody was speaking about, so he immediately downloaded a feature on it to dig deeper into the issue. After seeing the documentary downloaded from torrent he realized that removal of net neutrality can mean that he might have to pay for torrent downloads and songs.pk downloads, something which is totally unacceptable for him and hence he took this stand.

While making his statement media personals observed that he was constantly checking time remaining in download completion of MSG – Messenger of God, in his torrent client. He said that since everybody in his party was praising the movie so he decided that he should download and see it for himself.