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Unseasonal rain: Modi snubbing one more Achhe Din promise

06, Apr 2015 By theangrezjailer

New Delhi: Under the rule of any secular Government, India’s rain season normally would have ended till Diwali but this time it is raining almost every month after then. So it is clearly evident that after Modi Govt came to power, rains are no longer pouring secularly.  “RSS’ Hindutva agenda has hijacked secular Eco system of rain. Hindutva vaadi fringe elements like Indra Devta is now on free run. Modi must stop this self proclaimed rain God Indra”, said Funjay Jha in an exclusive interview to Faking News.

Modi worrying
Modi worrying about unseasonal rain that ruins his Achhe Din promise

Quick reaction from Medha Jatkar was, “This is a result of Modi’s pro-industry policies and his negligence to environment. Industries have done enough damage to our planet in these 11 months of Modi Govt”. Adding to this, PK Khan said, “It has certainly damaged our image. My colleagues from other planet are now afraid to visit. Now I am all alone protesting on the bank of Narmada.”  Farmers have to face the most due to unseasonal rains. Considering Modi’s eagerness to get anti farmer Land Acquisition Bill passed, suspicion of him bringing unseasonal rains can’t be denied. Loss of farmer is benefit of Industry. Is this Acche Din Modi promised? Janta Parivar will walk out from the parliament till we don’t get any satisfactory answer from Modi”, said Pawn Verma of JD(U).

Undie TV went ahead and hosted a talk show on unseasonal rains in which #UndieTVGirlAsked, “Will this unseasonal rain benefit only Hindu male population?” “During unseasonal rains most of the Hindu males (read as unemployed engineers and Hindu bachelors) go out on bike and indulge in eve teasing. For some of them it’s just another reason to drink Old Monk which is not so elite and liberal. So certainly unseasonal rains are pro male and anti women. We even plan to come up with a documentary ‘India’s son of the bitch beach’ in partnership with BBC”, rresponded one of the feminist panelists.

Among fighting between the Congress and the BJP, trouble of middle class Aam Admi is unheard. “My wife packed and unpacked my rain coat at least 15 times which otherwise I was supposed to throw in the last monsoon season itself”, said Punish Sisodiya. BAM Admy party supremo Airwindji has called for Mohalla Sabha to unanimously decide to wear raincoat in any season. However sources say that YoYa and PrBu are unhappy with such dictatorship. YoYa wanted to carry umbrella instead as raincoat doesn’t go well over Kurta but such dissent views are likely to be ousted by internal Lokpal. Sources also revel that falling crude prices have made Ambani lobbying for El Nino effect.