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University offers 'Make Your Own Degree' at home programme, provides craft kit

30, Jun 2015 By electroman

In a new addition to the Make in India Campaign, A Leading University(DTI Institute) is offering students an innovative way to earn their own degree or in other words make their own degree. Students will be given a starter kit at the time of admission.

Guest lectures by him

It will contain few ingredients like:- Blank certificates Holographic seals Trace paper Signatures of Officials from various Indian universities Fevikwik Free Passes to Access Color Xerox machines

The only classes that you have to attend are the ones in which they teach you how to make the perfect fake certificate.

The will be guest lectures from the infamous Jitender Tomar and other individuals who control the IIT.

Your dream of becoming an Engineer, Doctor or Scientist or all the three together can be realised in just minutes.

Once you are done playing Engineer, you can shift your profession to the medical field.

You can fill your job applications as B.A while boasting that you are a Commerce graduate.

If you are caught with your pants down, claim that it is a typographical error.

The university also offers placement offers for their best students in their various branches across the country.

If media is trying to expose you, the university will provide you with tight spandex underwear which cannot be easily removed.

So you won’t be “Totally” exposed.