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United Nations to adopt Indian state Bihar’s Right to Bribe act

21, Aug 2014 By mpsharmaauthor

Following the effort of JD(U) MLA, Rajiv Ranjan’s comments to legalise corruption methods via the Right to Bribe Act, the United Nations has been so impressed, they have decided to adopt the law into their own policies.

“India’s transparency when it comes to corruption is indeed commendable,” a UN representative told Faking News Journalists at today’s Press Conference held at UN headquarters in New York City. “Where else in the World can anyone witness political representatives who have so obviously been caught red-handed in unscrupulous activities and gone on to retain or indeed improve on their current political endeavours and positions?”

He is elated and serious
He is elated and serious

The act’s brainchild, Mr Ranjan is basking in the glory of placing his state on the international stage and is openly taking “gifts” as a token of appreciation at his residency, though he has clearly stated that his preference lies in alcoholic beverages and paan (sada being his first choice).

“This act will make allow myself and others in my standing to openly take bribes which will save the country a lot of heartache and time wastage in covering up these acts, which everyone knows happens anyway,” Mr Ranjan exclaimed.

“Look at poor Mr Suresh Kalmadi ‘s predicament,” Mr Ranjan continued. “At least with this act, no one of his political stature will ever have to be embarrassed the way he was. Plus once it is legalised, the citizens of India too can take pride in being corrupt and leading the way for the rest of the world”.

Meanwhile the United Nations has not confirmed that they will bring Indian officials to oversee the act’s implementation into the broader body’s sector, however this method has not been ruled out as of yet.

“Who better than to have the prime examples of corruption to spearhead us?” the official UN spokesman said while concluding the press meet. “No other country has been as brazen or outspoken in not only taking pride in their corrupt activities, but is blatantly as good as they are at it than the Indians”.