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United Nation to setup a group of researchers to study the existence of “Human wave” using Mr. Modi

05, May 2014 By Akash

UN Headquarter, NYC. Considering too much discussion and fierce debates on the existence of Modi wave in India, United Nation Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki Moon today made an announcement that was quite surprising for the big politicians and scientists around the globe.

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi has not yet reacted to the development.

In a press conference earlier in the morning Mr. Moon has announced the decision of UN top council to set up a group of researchers consisting renowned physicists and mathematician of the world to study the existence of Modi wave.

He said, “Earlier in the history, our great scientists have established the wave nature of an electron and it proved remarkable for human kind and our scientific community. Now, we at UN can hope a similar outcome from Mr. Modi also. This is a right opportunity to study the wave associated with a human being and should not be missed and Mr. Modi seems to be a perfect choice for this study. Also I request Mr. Modi to make himself available so that our scientists can collect necessary data from him and carry out their experiments successfully.”

Also he has declared that UN has allotted a fund of 1 billion USD to set up the research lab.

Meanwhile, many reactions are coming from politicians and people in India on this announcement by UN.

Aam Aadmi Party founder Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has welcomed this moved by UN and has said common people of India like him has full right to know the proven truths and should know the lie behind this fake wave. He was quite sure that no such wave will be discovered.

Indian National Congress vice-president Mr. Rahul Gandhi was not happy with the choice of Mr. Modi for the experiments. His spokesperson Mr. Digvijay Singh said, “If these scientist actually want to discover a wave associated with a human then Mr. Rahul Gandhi is the only perfect person. Their money will be wasted if they carryout out their study on a media created wave which actually doesn’t at all exist.” Also he alleged RSS role for proposing Mr. Modi’s name through Gujarati NRIs residing in USA.

BJP has not spoken publicly at all on this issue till now. However, a senior leader of the party on condition of anonymity has informed Faking News that BJP is in a dilemma on this issue.

80% of the party workers believe in this wave and rest including veteran Mr. LK Advani and Mrs. Sushma Swaraj don’t seem to be agree with this.

Wave believers in the party are afraid that what if Mr. Advani comes out to be true after experiment and no such wave is found. Meanwhile over excited BJP supporters have said that there is no need to experiment on this and suggested scientists to visit Varanasi and look the wave which they are looking everyday.

To convince Mr. Modi for experiments UN has also proposed a Noble Prize of Physics to Mr. Modi in the case of a positive outcome for being the main source of data collection. BJP is expected to issue the statement in next two days. A UN delegation with some physicists might be visiting India soon to convince Mr. Modi for to make himself available for data collection so that scientists can start their experiments.