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Union health minister Harsh Vardhan given additional charge of Union clarification minister

29, Jun 2014 By 7thsense

The Union health minister Harsh Vardhan now has also been given the additional charge of being Union clarification minister.

After the BJP top brass found out that Mr. Harsh Vardhan has a knack for creating controversy where none should exist and then immediately clarifying them as if they never happened, the high command has taken a very good look and note of this unique ability and given him the charge to be Union clarification minister effective immediately.

Harsh Vardhan
“Thank you”

This decision of appointing a separate head of clarifications had been pending for long but after a long hard search the only person who came close to Mr.Harsh Vardhan was Manish Tiwari of the Congress party who has way more experience in giving clarifications. But what went against Manish Tiwari was the fact that he didn’t create the controversies himself most of the time but was only good at pfaffing out in such cases on behalf of others. This lack of original innovation kept him at bay.

Harsh Vardhan was earlier in discussion to be additionally being charge of union ministry of stopping sex but that ministry is as of now kept vacant, perhaps for people with far more brilliant moves. The party though has not failed to recognise Harsh Vardhan talent’s and given him credit where none is due.

We wish him all the very best in his new endeavour and after wanting to stop condoms, ban sex education, would want him to work on the idea of banning sex in India altogether, which would uproot the cause of all evil. But then also being the newly appointed union minister of clarification, we know he would rather make a simultaneous U-turn and clarify why he didn’t mean to ban sex but only meant to ban the pleasure in it.