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Unemployed Kashmiri youth to form new faction of Hurriyat

04, Apr 2015 By Bilal Bashir Bhat

Srinagar: With the growing unemployment in Kashmir, a group of Youth has decided to form the Hurriyat’s new and the forth faction.

In an exclusive interaction with this writer one of the prominent member of the group said, “We had pinned hope to the new government but it seems that no one cares about the thousands of unemployed youth, therefore we choose to launch new faction of the Hurriyat to remain in limelight before the public and before the government as well.”

“We are highly educated even more than the current Hurriyat leaders, therefore we can deliver and address the Kashmir issue softly and gently,” he further said, adding, “We had plans to participate in the recent state elections but how can it be possible without the financial strength.”

The more the merrier?

“Although the Jammu and Kashmir Entrepreneurship Development Institute (JKEDI) is providing a helping hand to promote personal business, but for us it is difficult to sell out our Educational certificates,” he explained.

When asked what makes them to take such steps, he said, “Every human has the desire to touch the heights of sky, we have lot of Hurriyat leaders guarded by the policemen, we too want to impress our relatives, friends by making entry under the security cover, and to be called as VIPs.”

“In our group we have many members who run various social Networking pages with lacs of followers, thus we have no issues to spend money for publicity on the 2nd pages of Urdu dailies, and we hope being the future generation of Kashmir we will be invited on every Nation’s day to the respective Embassy’s to enjoy a joyful dinner and free of cost travel and accommodations,” he added.

When asked whether he will follow the Moderate or Hardliner policy, the energetic youth said, “Look we have learnt a lot particularly from 2008-2010 agitation, it is simple if, god forbid, a killing is witnessed, just call for a strike and condemn it and on the some martyrs anniversary we have just to pay glowing tributes to the deceased via press release or to hold a seminar. It is simple there is no question to choose Hardliner or Moderate.”

Commenting over the street protests the youth said that usually during protests there are only 10-15 people in a so-called protests at Press Colony, but in their case there will be as much as the population of the Valley, thus that will be a real protest in real sense.

The youth hoped that their passports won’t be barred after the formal announcement of the Hurriyat Faction.

Wait don’t be serious, the above stated write-up is satirical news, and the writer can be reached at: or at Bilal Bashir Bhat on Facebook