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'Under Wear satires against AAP are in bed tasty, must bus stop' tweet by aap leader Ashutosh causes sensation

03, Sep 2014 By simplydimply

“You aar Mudi agent”

New Delhi. ‘Under Wear satires against AAP are in bed tasty, must bus stop,’ this tweet by firebrand AAP leader Ashutosh caused sensation in the political circles. Even the most literate and degree holders from MIT Harvard Wharton Oxford Cambridge and Chaudhary Charan Singh University couldn’t get around the tweets meaning. Emissary were rushed to British High commissioner for decoding Ashutosh’s tweet. But, the best british were too found incapable of reaching zenith of Ashutosh’s Vocabulary.

In the end the mystery stood resolved when the sumpremo of AAP Arvind kejriwal himself called Ashutosh and got from him the point he wanted to emphasize in the tweet. Later Kejriwal called on a press meet and explained, “Ashutosh meant that ‘Under taker satires (chandra mohan sharma ones) against AAP are in bad taste and must be stopped.”

Kejriwal when asked about Ashutosh’s exemplary english skills replied, “Ji, itne paise mein Ashutosh hi afford kar sakte hein hum. You donate more, we will hire Ammanpour.’