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Unable to find Mysore in Mysore Pak, Opposition protests in Parliament, says that it is a huge food scam

04, May 2015 By manithan

New Delhi: Protests erupted in Rajya Sabha today after MPs belonging to Congress and Left parties were unable to find towns in certain food items. They have raised suspicion that there is a huge food scam going on in India for the past one year.

During the discussion hour, a MP belonging to Communist party stood up and shouted, “There is a big scam going on in the food industry in India. Will Modi government and Food Ministry stand up to that scam and resign en masse. This is a serious fraud and we cannot just let it happen. Yesterday, I went to Saravana Bhavan in Delhi and asked for Mysore Pak. They gave me a sweet in cuboid shape. It was yummy. But, then, when I asked the waiter, where Mysore is in that item, he was mumbling. This is not the mistake of one hotel. Entire Indian government is fooling people by making tall claims. This is just a jumla government. What is the guarantee that this government which is directionless in pinpointing to a town in even a food item can take India in right direction?”

This food items is called Chicken 65. Do you see 65 Chicken pieces in this? Yeh toh scam hai ji!!
This food item is called Chicken 65. Do you see 65 Chicken pieces in this? Yeh toh scam hai ji!!

There were applause from the opposition sections and many MPs stood up to claim that ‘several other food items are named by Modi government which is fooling people’. Another MP from Congress, started reciting a list of food items, that were named by Modi government, which is now uncovered as a scam. She read from the list, “There is no Christian Bale in BalePuri. Maybe, Modi govt doesn’t want Christians to live here. There is no Bombay in chevda (Bombay Mixture). Maybe, the fascist censors are now censoring cities from food items too. There is no Amritsar in Amritsari Pappad, Lassi. There is no Karachi in Karachi biscuit. Where is ‘Aman Ki Asha’ here? Not only this, there is no Kashmiri in Kashmiri Naan. Arre Modiji, is this how you treat our Kashmiris?”

A South Indian MP then stood up and blamed BJP government for cheating them in South India too. He said, “Not only Mysore Pak, we have a snack called Bhajji there. I want to ask the ruling government, why is there no Harbhajan Singh in that food?”

Immediately after this fiery question, there was ruckus in the parliament created by the BJP MPs and Shiv Sena MPs and Speaker adjourned the session. Opposition have decided to come back on this strategy tomorrow with the Modi government’s fake tall claims in names of Indian cities and towns.