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Two lakh youngsters request EC for re-elections because they forgot to take an election selfie

16, May 2014 By snidescribe

Sneha Sharma is furious. Smartphone in hand, making a duckface, she talks to us while clicking selfies, “I stood in the line for 3 hours. At the WRONG booth. Then I took an autorickshaw to find the right booth. There I stood in the line for 40 minutes. I was wearing SPF 21 sunscreen but look at my skin, it’s all tanned. I voted and went about life only to realise I forgot to click an election selfie.”

Sneha nearly breaks down as she finishes talking to us. Surprisingly she even clicks selfies of herself crying. They get less ‘Likes’ she says but get great ‘supportive’ comments from the guys.

Reelction needed?

Sneha is not the only one upset these days. She is joined by 2 lakh other twenty somethings like her who have been denied the right of an election selfie. Now if you wonder what is an election selfie? Then we hate to inform you that you may have failed to click one. Election selfie involves a voter clicking a selfie showing the election mark on the fingers.

“Those who still have the election ink on their fingers are lucky. I am studying to be a doctor and wash my hands often. What do I click now?,” says the 22-year-old doctor in the making Deepa Shukla.

Many of India’s youth feel wronged by the election process. Although they exercised their most important right to vote, they regret not having been given the chance to show off about them having voted. They feel agitated that no one told them that clicking a selfie after elections was a legitimate ‘in thing’ and it had to be done.

Those whose election mark hadn’t fainted promptly tried to correct their errors but were disappointed that the number of likes dropped if you took longer to post your selfie.

That’s where Roycin Dsouza, a law student at KC College in Mumbai decided to take matters in his own hand. He petitioned to the Election Commission about the plight of many twenty somethings who hadn’t posted selfies. Although Election Commission initially ignored his report, large scale tweets and updates prompted them into action and set up an inquiry committee.

This time around Roycin ensured he clicked selfies even while he was in the middle of a discussion with the senior Election Commission members. Roycin is quick to add that if the young Indians don’t get a chance to correct their mistakes and click selfies, they would lose faith in the Indian democratic process forever. As we take in a moment to consider his point of view, Roycin drowns himself back in the world of clicking selfies.

The Election Commision’s special committee will soon return with a detailed report. Right now all the youngsters who forgot to click selfies can do is wait and in the meantime click selfies of them waiting.