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Tusshar Kapoor movie failures in BJP manifesto 2014

03, Sep 2013 By none

New Delhi: BJP spokesperson Rajeev Pratap Ruddy confirmed today that lackluster performance of Tusshar Kapoor will be the main poll plank for BJP in upcoming Lok Sabha elections in 2014.

When asked about how this ever-aspiring actor came to the forefront of a major political party’s agenda, the spokesperson choked with emotions. “BJP has no choice” he answered.

Tusshar Kapoor
BJP’s answer to MMS?

It is worth noting that the right wing opposition party is really running out of issues to raise in 2014.

When scams broke out like black plague, Arnab Goswami and other senior journalists kept sewing BJP men’s mouth by repeating “Let us not politicize corruption”. When Delhi gang rape rattled the nation, the home minister of India, brow-beat BJP men and women “not to politicize a law and order problem”. When China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar invaded Indian territories and fishermen were abducted by Sri Lankan navy, defense experts shouted at BJP faces on TV “don’t politicize national security”. When the economy tanked and Petroleum minister of India wanted to shut down petrol pumps during night and the whole nation burst out in laughter, he sniped back at BJP for “politicizing economy”.

With law and order, security, corruption and economy taken off from the political table by various forces, BJP is facing a tough dilemma on whether to focus on success of Asaram Bapu or failure of Tusshar Kapoor. Tusshar Kapoor issue won out in BJP national committee’s meeting because it won’t be viewed as a Hindu-nationalism issue, a tag BJP is trying to avoid in 2014 elections.

In a separate note, ministry of Human Resources, UGC and 18 other agencies controlling higher education of liberal arts in India have confirmed that there are no plans of reviewing the course contents or title of Bachelor of Arts in “Politics and Economics”.