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Trauma on the way to ascension (Part 1)

21, Feb 2013 By Peace Lover

A madman’s impression

In keeping with the vehement demands from the sycophantic party workers, the coming of age, the political heir to the biggest democracy has finally decided in the eleventh hour to enhance his electoral prospects and make more public appearances more speeches to the Mango Man in the Banana Republic than what he has until now grown complacent to.

But first things first. Being branded as mentally retarded, drug addict, good for nothing and nicknamed as “Buddhu” by his political adversaries, our very special YuuvRaaj would first stride forward confidently to rebut all these politically motivated taunts by appearing at a custom designed public appearance in “Kya Aap Panchvi Pass Se Tez Hain? 2.0” hosted by his good friend SRK.

To remind our readers, this long forgotten show had hogged much limelight for a first few episodes and eventually proved the idiocy of Indian adults unlike their American counterparts and thus, may have allegedly become the conviction in Mr. Katju’s sweeping generalization regarding 90% of Indians having something in common.

Commenting upon the developments, the producer S. Basu commented “We kicked off in grand fashion with some buffalo politician from Bihar. Ah.. ah… Yeah, Lalu. Our aim has always been to show the Indian grown-ups in good light but hey with politicians as guests we cannot guarantee anything. But I hope that’s not the case this time or else I will kick SRK out and stick to KBC only.”

SRK, on the other hand had his tails up upon hearing his comeback to the small screen. While he was abroad promoting his upcoming flick, he himself rang and reportedly said “One cannot just stick to discussing the boring social issues like untouchability, female foeticide and all on TV and get away with TRPs and call yourself #1. One has to do something for masses and not just talk. So here I am grooming the future PM of the nation. At the rate I talk, I think our guest will have to be on air for no more than 377 minutes.”

Known for not missing any chances to take a dig at the young leader, Dr. Swamy tweeted “Given the revelations I made regarding Buddhu’s intellectual assets, this news does not surprise me at all. Best of Luck Buddhu!! Hope you fail again and add this show to your long list of educational achievements.”

But all did not go well with the Prince later. Despite all the sleepless nights and months-long verbatim recital of the ready-made transcripts of seemingly facile questions, it was learnt later that all his painstaking drudgery went in vain because of a prank played by the opposition which planted a fake driver who took the YuuvRaaj straight on the sets of “Kya Paanchvi Fail Champu Hain?” a parody of the original episode and there the political heir ended up mortifying himself while the nation gave itself a hearty, bellyaching boisterous guffaw.

Last checked the driver was still at large with charges of sedition pressed upon him and SRK still waiting with a sombre face.