Wednesday, 21st March, 2018

Transport ministry to provide mobile app for riots

07, Jan 2018 By pabuj

The increasing instances of stone-pelting and torching of Buses indicates huge popularity and demand these days. Every political party has to prove its existence and therefore calling for Bandhs , halting the daily life thus became for all the parties.

As per statistics, the acts are very important for life cycle of the public transport buses, but many of the protesters are going home disappointed due not enough buses available to stone or torch. 🙁 After lots of brain storming, Transport Ministry came up now with innovative idea of Andolan App.

"Ready to riot?"
“Ready to riot?”

The App will have a huge collection of Vehicles to damage

  • State Transport Buses,
  • Private Luxury Buses,
  • City Buses,
  • Passenger cars and
  • other transport vehicles.

The protesters will get interesting options such as

  • Click here to stone the vehicle,
  • Touch here to torch it, or
  • Keep here pressed to rip off the seats .

with the next update, ministry is also thinking to avail the selection menu for type of stones but the database isn’t yet ready.

This App will be installed  on policemen’s mobiles and will also be made available for individual download for protesters.

On the day of Bandh, once the Protesters will gather on roads police will handover to them the mobiles with this App and they can start the Andolan using this innovative app.  protesters will be asked to login and track their individual records and they would be enabled to see their individual progress chart of damaging public property.