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Transcript of Modi's first cabinet meeting

30, May 2014 By @bayalis

Transcript of Modi’s first cabinet meeting

Part 1

Modi : Mitron, welcome. First of all, I know all of you are very curious to know the results of yesterdays contest…

Sushma: Yes! I am sure I won.

Rajnath: My knowledge of the language is unparalled. Must have won.

Gadkari: Khane mein mujhe kaun beat kar sakta hai? I won.

Arunj Jaitly: Nobody can beat my skills developed during my career in the bar

Harsimrat Kaur: Nobody can beat Punjabis in such a competion. I must have won hands down.

Ravi Shankar Prasad: I demand your res…

Smriti: Ravi sir, you are no longer in opposition.

Ravi : Badnam ho gaya hoon. I was only saying ‘I demand your result of yesterdays swearing audition’

Venkaiya: It was great fun, all of us repeating the same lines at the audition. Vokay Saar, please yend the suspense.

Modi: Rajnathji you should have chosen Sanskrit to have a chance.

Harsimrat, you could have won if you had spoken in Punjabi, the most colourful language for swearing. Gadkariji, Shapath lete hain khate nahi else you would have no competition. Sushmaji, Advaniji was not the judge else you would have won.

Pause. Jaan na chahte hain kaun jita? Jaan na chahte hain?

Cabinet : YES

Modi : Arun you came a close second with the training in the bar, Par yaad rakho har game Modi jitega yaar! Abki baar Modi sarkaar.

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